Thursday, June 8, 2017

Vintage Viewpoint

Here we are, almost the middle of June. In many places, school are winding up for the year, kids are looking forward to the days of freedom and parents are counting the days until school returns. 

Prickley Pear has a whole category dedicated to the seasons. It's here that I travelled to for today's Vintage View point, celebrating the Summer season. 
Does the fair come to town where you live? Our family visits the local historical park and rides the carousel with hand-crafted horses. Here is Carousel Horse.

We don't have a balloon festival around here, but I've always wanted to see one in person. Make your own balloon festival with the Hot Air Balloons clear set.

The Hot Air Balloons clear set has a matching Hot Air Balloon die available. Check out this clever use of the die.

Around our house, cycling is a favorite pastime. Though we usually travel solo instead of on a Bicycle for Two.

Cheers to those Lazy Days of Summer!
(shown here with Ferris Wheel)

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