Thursday, March 24, 2022


Flower Hugs and Stick-to-i-tivity!

My Dad used to call it stick-to-i-tivity.  Now I don't know if that's actually a word, but back then, it seemed like a pretty good word.

Dad taught me that if you took on a job, you finished it.  And you did it to the best of your ability.  You didn't give up.  And when the job was done, it was something you could be proud of.

While sitting on my front porch on a cloudy, overcast day back in the fall, I looked into a tree just beyond our driveway and spotted one, single obstinate cluster of leaves that seemed to be defying nature. I snapped a picture.  This cluster of leaves seemed to say that no matter how hard the wind blew, they just weren't turning loose.  No matter how many leaves left all around them, they were not going anywhere!  They had stick-to-i-tivity!

It reminded me of times in my own life when I felt like giving up on a project because it just seemed hard or even, impossible. That may have been the easy thing to do, while hanging in there and finishing the project was so challenging.  However, through those challenging times, I've gained patience and learned that many times, all it takes to find a solution is to find a place to be quiet, to be alone.  To be able to pray, meditate, or even be able to create something.  And then listen and receive those needed 'next steps' in my spirit so I could move forward. 

What about you?  Has your stick-to-i-tivity taken a vacation without you?  Do you feel like giving up on something you're working on?  Are you in a place where you can't see those 'next steps'?
When was the last time you scheduled an appointment just for yourself?  Perhaps it's time to go sit in the sun, take a walk in the woods, stop and smell the new flowers that are waking from winter's long sleep and springing up to greet the warm sunshine.  Why not make a pretty card just for yourself and put it in a place where you see it each day?  Do something you love.  Do something... just for you!  Create.  Celebrate... YOU!  

When you refresh yourself and find the motivation to complete those unfinished projects, you will feel lighter and more ready to tackle the 'next step!' 


Cards made with our Prickley Pear CLR201 Flower Hug For You Coneflower clear stamp set. 

Happy Spring and Happy flower hugs to You!

~ Sharon

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