Thursday, May 25, 2017

Vintage Viewpoint

Welcome to this weeks Vintage Viewpoint where we take a look at some of the older options in the Prickley Pear inventory.

We just recently finished our May New Release on the blog and there were a number of great bird stamps released. 

Like this Large Birdhouse (also available in a small size) or Momma and Baby Bird.

These stamps join several other bird themed options already in the Prickley Pear catalog. And that's why today I devote our Vintage Viewpoint to the Birds of Prickley Pear.

Let's start out with another Bird with Birdhouse.

Or this pretty Songbird.

This is Black Capped Chickadees, but I think it's been adjusted into a pretty spring bluebird!


And finally, this Owl with Bird makes a perfect pair!


Looking back on these creations makes me want to dig out my craft supplies! Not to mention order a few of these for my own collection - which one first? Owl with Bird or Songbird? 

You find these and many more feathered friends in the Prickley Pear store.  

Don't forget to come find us on our Prickley Pear Facebook page and we'll see you next week with our Team Inspiration! 

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