Thursday, December 8, 2016

Designer Highlight! Katie Skiff!

Hello everyone! Today is another edition of Designer Highlight at Prickley Pear. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Katie Skiff. You are going to love her work! Take it away, Katie!


Hi everyone, I am Katie Skiff and I blog at created by Katie ( and I'm also on YouTube at the same name! I started out scrapbooking just before my first child was born, almost 17 years ago! Since then, my passion has evolved to stamping and cardmaking, although I love ALL CRAFTS! I started my blog about 10 years ago and just started YouTube about a year ago. 
I am married to a very funny guy and we have three great kids. We are fortunate to live in the same small town I grew up in, and across the road from my parents. I work as a Middle School tutor and enjoy my free time in the craft room or outside enjoying our Funny Farm. 

Today I am sharing with you how I created a cute ornament for Christmas. I was inspired by the fun set Gnomes Homes for Fall and Christmas. I turned the Gnome into a Santa looking image.

I am also using some larger glass ornaments and Faux Snow.

After I colored the images, and cut them out, I added some vellum to the bottom to hold them to the bottom of the glass ornament. 

It took some time with my tweezers, and uh, my knitting needles, ha, to get the images on the bottom. Because it's curved, the Santa Gnome is not quite straight. But I still think it's so cute!!

I then added the Faux Snow with a funnel and added some ribbon to put it on the tree! 

I hope you enjoyed this fun project! It was super fun to make (Ok, I struggled a bit getting those images to stick) and I love the way it looks on our tree! 

Katie Skiff 

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Here are even more projects of Katie's for you to drool over!

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