Saturday, January 30, 2016

Prickley Pear is now under new ownership

Update: Tanya Doner-Kostynuk, owner of Riley & Company and Cornish Heritage Farms stamps, and Sue Helm are the proud new owners of Prickley Pear Rubber Stamps! The Prickley Pear website is currently undergoing maintenance but will be up and running and taking online orders effective February 1. 

Design Team Call will also be happening in the very near future; thank you for your patience as we undergo this transition, and Happy Stamping! 

P.S. Watch for our grand re-opening and special discounts on our website!


  1. I am SO glad to hear The Prickley Pear isn't falling to the way side. I love their stamps.

  2. That's great news!! Congratulations and good luck!!
    Moxie Craftie

  3. Wonderful to hear the news!! Love prickley pear stamps. Can't wait for the design team call!!!

    1. Thanks Donna! We will post more information soon here and on our website about Design Team call!

  4. This is great news. Looking forward to the future postings.