Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Prickley Pear Die Organization!

 Hello! Michelle here with a new way to organize your Prickley Pear dies! I showed the way I had them organized a while ago on this post.  That worked pretty well, but the dies are heavy and I was popping the pegs in my binders that were made of plastic.

I ran across this idea and decided to tweak it to work for me, and I'm liking it much better!
These are Clear Pockets that come 25 to a pack.  I cut the white cardstock inserts to fit each pocket and I had some magnet sheets on hand from my former organization, so I used pieces of the magnet as needed.  You could skip the magnet step since the pockets do have a flap that closes, but I need things all neat and tidy, so it was magnets for me!

You can see how you can store the nesting dies along with the shape die in the same pocket by simply overlapping the die if you wish.  I decided to do this so all of the dies I need are in one pocket!

  It is easy to group the dies together by theme as well.
You can see I also wrote the name and item numbers of each die in the package along the top.  This makes blogging a breeze. You could label them, but I don't have a label maker and other than this post, they are not on display, so my handwriting works for me!
 Here you can see how small a pile the dies in the clear pockets makes. 
And here you can see the stack of cd cases the dies came out of...which was another way I stored dies previous to the binder method.  I can get a TON more dies in the same space with less packaging. 

In this photo you can also see my clear sets which I store in clear envelopes that I store my finished cards in.  I simply slip the sets in along with a backing sheet which I have labeled with the set name and number.  The envelopes are not big enough to close, and that is fine with me, they are quicker to grab and return to the package.  I find that this works really well for me since putting stamps away is not a part of stamping that I enjoy! :)

Just thought I would share another great option when it comes to organizing your stamping supplies!!


  1. very nice idea.. thanks for sharing!!
    Moxie Craftie

  2. Great idea. Always looking for ways to store whilst reducing volume and making things easy to find.

  3. Can someone tell me how to contact this company? The website is down and I placed an order more than 2 weeks ago and nothing. Do I need to contact my credit card and cancel the sale? I have tried everything I know to get someone. Thanks all.