Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Brenda's Easter Basket Tutorial

Today Brenda is sharing with us a wonderful little Easter Basket Tutorial!  Enjoy!

Start by cutting the A4 sheet of card down to a 21cm square  and score in both directions at 7cm intervals so your piece is divided into nine equal squares, then score the four corner squares diagonally as below. Crease all scored lines and you will see the shape of the basket coming together. The four diagonal corners scores need to be carefully folded inwards.

Next cut 13 - 6.5x6.5cm squares – five of one pattern and 8 of a contrasting one. Cut four of the five in half diagonally and stick to the inside of the folded corners and the fifth the inside base. Stick the eight matching ones to the four inside and four outside square sides.

Cut four shapes with your chosen die, then stamp and colour each and stick onto the four outer squares.......make sure you get them the right way up and not upside down as I did on my first attempt !!

Finally pop an eyelet into each of the four corners, draw the basket up into shape and thread ribbon through the eyelets. And walla, you have a pretty little basket to fill with Easter goodies.



  1. beautiful basket Brenda... thanks for the tutorial..
    Moxie Craftie

  2. Dang! I could look up metric to inches conversion, but I don't know what size an A4 card is.

  3. Unfortunately, we don't have A4 paper here but it looks really cute.