Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Angela's Gesso Tutorial!

Hi!  Today I am going to share one of my favorite techniques using gesso.

This is what you will need to create the background:
Distress Stain
Credit or Gift card
Heavy Paper (I use mixed media paper)

Place a bit of gesso on craft mat, using credit or gift card, pick up some gesso on end of card.

This next step is the tricky part but it's also the fun part!  Holding the plastic card as flat to the paper as you can, lightly drag it down the length of the card stock.  You don't want to have a solid covering of gesso so keeping the plastic card flat will aid with that. (I usually practice a bit before I use my expensive paper)

Allow to dry completely before next step.  

Last step:  have fun staining!!!  I press my dauber onto the craft mat to get the stain flowing then I liberally add stain to the card stock.  The gesso resists the stain giving you a fun unique background every time you use this technique!  For a bit of a finish I used distress ink on the edges of the card stock.

For my finished card I used the sweet birds: Black Capped Chickadees Red Rubber Stamp and Happy Spring 2 Red Rubber Stamp for the sentiment.  I also used Scallop Circle Nesting Die to frame the image.

Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win the bird stamp featured on this card. One lucky winner will be chosen and announced this Friday.


  1. Your card is beautiful and what a fun technique! I love that it is so easy to learn. Thanks.

  2. What a wonderful spring card! The black capped Chickadee is our state bird so this is very appropriate for me. I will give this technique a try as it looks like fun and I love the textured background it created. What kind of paper should I use? Thanks!!

    1. I use Strathmore Mixed Media paper for the gesso resist technique. I hope you try it and let us know how it goes!

  3. Must try to find my Gesso and give it a try. Probably all dried up as I have only used it once ages ago.

  4. I love this look. Thanks for sharing, Angie. I am going to try this today. I love the spring look of this card too!!! Happy Card.

  5. This is a beautiful card and the technique is so simple, yet so effective. Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. This bird stamp is awesome!
    Laura Holt

  7. very beautiful card.. thanks for the tutorial..
    Moxie Craftie

  8. Have never used Gesso. Interesting!
    Love your colors. Made the beautiful birds pop.
    Thank you for sharing.

  9. Michelle, I love it. And I miss you guys!!

  10. Very pretty card! I like the technique but have never tried it. I'll have to give it a try. Love the birds!

  11. Love this technique! I noticed you used the pink on the inside of the card too - great idea. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Barb P.

  12. Beautiful card. I love the technique that you used. This is so fun.

  13. How fun and easy
    you make this! I'll
    have to try it and
    your is beautiful.
    Carla fro Utah

  14. Can't wait to try out some gesso! Great look on this pretty card!

  15. I've been wanting to try gesso. Now I know I have to! That is so cool! Love the bird stamp!

  16. The two bird stamp is very pretty,I bought some gesso for a journal or some project. The tutorial seems easy for the card.

  17. love that technique and that bird stamp! Will have to try asap!
    Love Prickley Pear

  18. I am definitely going to try this technique! I love your card. I want that Bird stamp! :)

  19. I have a jar of gesso. Maybe I should actually put it to use?

  20. What a fun and creative way to use gesso. I'll be giving it a try!