Monday, January 13, 2014

A little organization...

Hi All,
Welcome to another beautiful day in blog land! A few months back, Michelle showed you all a really fabulous way to organize all of her dies.
I loved what she did, and I was looking for a way to organize my own stash. Today, I am sharing with you a project I put together last week. Ever since I moved into my new office, I have been squeezing a little bit of time here and there to organize my space a little bit better. Today I am sharing with you one of my organized spots. 
I had a dry erase board that was sitting there, all alone and unused. I also had a envelope full of magnetic paper. And wanting a way to organize my dies while being able to see all of them, (as I truly dislike the time it takes to dig and dig), I decided to make a magnetic board for my dies with these two elements. I had some super strong 3M red-line tape that I adhered to the back of each magnetic sheet. I had to trim a couple of the sheets down to get them to fit, and that was easy to do.
Here is my little bit of organization. Now, if I misplace a die...

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