Thursday, December 12, 2013

Heidi's Holiday Decor!

Here's a small peek at my home decor during the Holiday season.  I don't do much decorating for the individual holidays, but I like to decorate for the seasons.  I love snowmen, frosted wreaths and pine boughs to cozy up the home during the chilly winter days and nights.
 Here are a couple of new snowmen to add to my snowmen collection.  These were an idea my Mom got off from Pinterest and made for me.  These are made from socks and lots of rice.  I tried to take a picture of my favorite snow picture by Robert Duncan, but with the flash, it didn't turn out the best.  It was one that my Mother-in-Law bought for me.  It has two little boys building a snowman and the boys looked like they could have be mine.
Finally here is my wreath that I hang up on the picket fence that I have sitting on my fireplace.  We love our fires burning on these cold, blistery days.  I don't like the cold outside, but I enjoy the warm, cozy nights inside with a hot cup of tea and a good book!  Keep warm!


  1. your wreath looks so pretty with the fire behind it! :) I'd be wearing my flip flops for sure! ;)

  2. Gorgeous little snowmen and a fabulous wreath xx

  3. Adorable little snowpeople and your wreath is sooo pretty. What a fun idea to have a fence and a wreath in front of the fireplace!