Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Inspiration Monday of 2013!

Welcome To Prickley Pear Design Team Monday....the last one of 2013!  Hope your holiday season has been happy and healthy!  Thank you for your support in 2013...and we are thrilled that we will soon be able to share what is in store for 2014!

We have lots of inspiration for you today, a few more holiday cards before we move into winter, but if you see something that might work for your holiday cards, pin it and gather up your'll be ahead of the game for the holidays in 2014!

Designer: Angela Bode using CLR027B Scallopred Oval 3Winter, JJ0068Vintage Angel

Designer:  Brenda Weatherill using HH0147 Mistletoe, CLR033 Spring Flourished Ovals

Designer Jenn Borjeson using GG0180 Frosty the Snowman, DD0186 Snowman with Lantern sm, DD0184 Let It Snow.

Designer Jenn Borjeson using CLR026A Mini Birds 2 Fall, D026 Mini Birds

Designer: Tracie Clary using CLR033B Flourished Ovals 3 Holidays, EE0173 Rudolph Snapshot

Designer: Heidi Erickson using GG0177 Presents With Holly, CLR031A Poinsettia 2 Holiday, D031 Poinsettia Leaf Die, D0152 Gift of the Season

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holidays with Jenn!

So Christmas is over, but I have a few things I'd like to share today.  The Design Team at Prickley Pear Rubber Stamps were asked to do a holiday post that could be about anything, so I decided to share my little "Christmas Mantle" and the story behind it:

We have a cat who thinks he's still a kitten (he's about a year and a half old), and he loves to climb trees and hang out in them, so I knew a Christmas tree was out of the question this year.  My friend Linda knew I was bummed about it, so she gave me this gorgeous garland to decorate with instead and I think it came out lovely!  I basically used my favorite ornaments and Christmasy things to decorate - that picture hanging up is actually a limited edition print of Independence Day at Goodale Park in 1965 in my town - Goodale Park is literally a stone's throw from my house, so it's cool that I have this picture hanging up (Jeremy's dad gave it to us).

But the most important part of my Christmas mantle is this guy:

This little guy was given to me by my buddy Meg the Christmas before she died (saying that still makes me feel like someone punched me in the stomach), that's a pic of her hanging off of his cute little antler.  This reindeer is my all-time most important Christmas decoration and always will be.  If you want to read about Meg, you can do it here but be warned, you might want to get some tissues.

I will forever be grateful to Meg for being a part of my life, and for introducing me to her mom Teresa, who has become a lifelong friend to me.  Cancer sucks, but it never wins.  We get to keep our memories and feel our loved ones spirits with us forever.  Merry Christmas.  Peace.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Brenda's Holiday Post!

These photos represent Brenda's 2013 Holiday Celebration!  Zoe took these beautiful holiday photos.  First up is a good old fashioned holiday ham!
 Next up is the savory buffet table!
 Brenda herself looking rather red alongside another son and daughter-in-law in distance.
 Brenda's daughter.
 Mince pies - traditional British Christmas sweet treat - not sure if you have these in the States
 A rather chocolate raspberry delice.
 Second eldest son with George the lab.
 A peek at the tree....
 ...and another!
 Pixie the Jack Russell under the tree.
 Beautiful Decor...
Daist and Holly two more of the labs.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jessica's Holiday Post!

Hello, Prickley Pear friends! It is Jessi from Kissin' Krafts. Today I am sharing one of my favorite Christmas traditions. It is decorating the house.

My Christmas decor is full of handmade folk art created by my grandmother. She is a talented artist, who created Santas from different periods and countries throughout the times.

My favorite Santa, along with the family Elf, Lucas.

I am fortunate to receive a couple of larger Santas as well.

Another Christmas decor that my grandmother created, is a Wooden Village. The village consists of 10 buildings. All handpainted with amazing details. 

My grandmother's work has been published in several Better Homes and  Garden magazines years ago. This village was even the cover for one of them!

Thank you for stopping by today!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tracie's Holiday Post~

You will notice that each of the design team at Prickley Pear RubberStamps is trying to share something with a holiday theme about themselves during the month of December.  Today was my day so since I don’t do a lot of Christmas decorating, I thought I would focus on what I remember most about my family during the holidays.  Christmas with my grandparents was always about food.  That is where I got my love of baking and trying new recipes.  My grandparents lived in a small farm community and I will always love the friendship among neighbors, friends and families. 

Today I share a recipe from my grandmother that I absolutely love.  They are pineapple rolls and are delicious.  My grandmother used to take these rolls everywhere. 

Pineapple Rolls
3-3 ½ cups all purpose flour
¼ cup sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 pkg. active dry yeast
½ cup water
½ cup milk
¼ cup butter
1 egg

Filling:  1-8 oz.  can crushed pineapple
2 T.  Cornstarch
1/3 cup sugar

Glaze:  1 cup powdered sugar
2 T. butter
1 T. milk
1 teaspoon vanilla

In small pan, cook pineapple, cornstarch and sugar until thick.  This could take 10-15 minutes.  Let cool.

In large bowl, combine 1 cup flour, sugar, salt and yeast;  blend well.  In small saucepan, heat water, milk and ¼ cup butter until very warm (120 to 130 degrees)  Add warm liquid and egg to flour mixture.  Blend at low speed until moistened;  beat 3 minutes at medium speed.  By hand, stir in an additional 1 1/2  cup flour until dough pulls cleanly away from sides of bowl. 

On floured surface, knead in 1 ¼ -1 ½ cups flour until dough is smooth and elastic, about 8-10 minutes.  Place dough in greased bowl;  cover loosely with plastic wrap and cloth towel.  Let rise in warm place (80 to 85 degrees) until light and doubled in size, about 45-60 minutes.

Punch down dough several times to remove all air bubbles.   On a lightly floured surface, roll out dough into 18 x 12 rectangle.  Spread with cooled pineapple mixture.  Starting with 18 inch side, roll up tightly, pressing edges to seal.  Cut into 18 slices, place slices, cut side down, in greased pan.  Cover, let rise in warm place until light and doubled in size, about 35-45 minutes.

Heat oven to 375 degrees.  Uncover dough.  Bake 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.  In small bowl, blend powdered sugar, butter, milk and vanilla for desired drizzling consistency.  Drizzle over warm rolls.  Serve warm.

Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do.

Merry Christmas to All.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Cards Galore!

Welcome To Prickley Pear Design Team Monday!  We have a flurry of inspiration for you today!  Enjoy!

Designer: Michelle Pearson using HH0145 Rulolph Headlines, EE0173 Rulolph Snapshot

Designer: Angela Bode using D027 Scalloped Oval Die, CLR027B Winter Scalloped Oval 3 Clear Set.

Designer: Angela Bode using D027 Scalloped Oval Die, CLR027B Winter Scalloped Oval 3 Clear Set

Designer:  Brenda Weatherill using D040 Pine Branch Die, JJ085 Hanging and Ornament, CLR031A Poinsettia 2 Holiday Clear Set, D031 Poinsettia Leaf Die

Designer:  Brenda Weatherill using CLR031A Poinsettia 2 Holiday Clear Set, D031 Poinsettia Leaf Die, D040 Pine Branch Die
Designer Jenn Borjeson using EE0176 Presents with Holly sm, CC0137 Fa La La La

Designer Jenn Borjeson using JJ085 Hanging and Ornament

Designer: Tracie Clary using CLR033B Flourished Ovals 3 Holiday, D033 Flourished Ovals die, GG0182 Thumpety Thump Thump

Designer: Heidi Erickson using HH0152 Winter Sled, EE0174 Mistletoe sm, CLR005A Cardinals 2 Clear Set


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Heidi's Holiday Decor!

Here's a small peek at my home decor during the Holiday season.  I don't do much decorating for the individual holidays, but I like to decorate for the seasons.  I love snowmen, frosted wreaths and pine boughs to cozy up the home during the chilly winter days and nights.
 Here are a couple of new snowmen to add to my snowmen collection.  These were an idea my Mom got off from Pinterest and made for me.  These are made from socks and lots of rice.  I tried to take a picture of my favorite snow picture by Robert Duncan, but with the flash, it didn't turn out the best.  It was one that my Mother-in-Law bought for me.  It has two little boys building a snowman and the boys looked like they could have be mine.
Finally here is my wreath that I hang up on the picket fence that I have sitting on my fireplace.  We love our fires burning on these cold, blistery days.  I don't like the cold outside, but I enjoy the warm, cozy nights inside with a hot cup of tea and a good book!  Keep warm!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday Afternoon Inspiration!

Welcome To Prickley Pear Design Team Tuesday Afternoon!  My Monday got away from me, and if I don't get crackin' Tuesday is going to slip away as well!  Seems this time of year the pace picks up for many of us and we just have to hang on for the ride!  The design team has been busy as usual and we have lots of inspiration to share with you...hope you can take a minute to take a peek!

Designer: Kina Nunziante using DD0184 Let It Snow, D038 Snowflake Pendant Die, FF0148 Snowflake Tree