Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Michelle's Second Glitter Tutorial!

Hello there!  Michelle here again with some more glittery goodness to share!  Today I took the glittery background to another level....it's now entirely made of glitter, and multiple colors at that!

My first card uses the HH0146 Frosty Headlines image which I simply stamped on designer paper....but here are the steps I did to achieve the eye-popping background:
1.  I had two A2 sized pieces of redline tape sheets, 4.25 x 5.5 inches, one of which I cut with the Cheery Lynn Lattice die. 
I removed the liner from the die cut sheet and peeled off one side of the full remaining piece of red line tape.  Press the liner firmly onto the sticky tape with the lining sheet you just removed.
2.  Add the first glitter color, in this case the teal.  Rub the glitter into the tape and then brush off your panel. 

3.  Carefully remove the red lattice liner and apply the second color of glitter....in this case silver!  Rub the glitter into the tape to cover the lattice design, brush off your panel and you're done!
Check out that glittery goodness close up!  It is entirely smooth and so very eye-catching!  Here is another card I did using this technique, and three colors of glitter!
This one takes a bit more time as you also have to place the lining pieces over the flower petals.  Glitter the green portion first, then remove the flower petal pieces and glitter brown and finally remove the Daisy Lattice Frame liner and add the red glitter.  I find a sharp tweezers very helpful in placing the liner pieces...and be sure to press them down firmly before you glitter or you will get a bit of bleed-through as I did on this one.
On my second card I used all sorts of images:  CLR031A Poinsettia 2 Holiday Clear Set, D031 Poinsettia Die, CLR022 Pumpkin and Snowman Clear Set, D022 Pumpkin and Snowman Die, GG0094 Collage Pinecone Tag.

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