Thursday, September 19, 2013

Organizing My Prickley Pear Collection...

It's finally Thursday!  The weekend won't be long behind!  Don't know about you, but this time of year makes me want to hole up in my stamping studio and either organize or create!

This week the organizing had to happen...and I thought I'd give you a peek at how I organized all of my Prickley Pear images and dies!

I should have taken the photo of the rubber before I stuck it all in my binders, but I didn't think fast enough!   I have my current collection in 3 large white 3-ring binders.

They are all foam mounted and then organized by them in each binder.
As you can see, I'm not overly picky about how clean my stamps are...I know they work even with a bit of black staining on them! 
Some pages are mixed theme, but that is the beauty of a binder system, you can expand any time!
My clear sets are organized in a CD organizer that I laid on it's back.  There are two prefect compartments that will hold a ton of the clear sets.  For now I have embossing folders on the other half...but they can be moved out!

I do not care for the packaging that sticks shut after you put the sets away, so I simply removed the liner and the clear sets and slip them into small clear card protectors and then store them in this case.  They are much easier to slip in and out when I'm on a stamping spree!
The dies I have in these sweet little two ring binder boxes that snap shut.  I cut 8 1/2 x 11 magnet sheets down and then taped cardboard on the back of each sheet.  I added the cardboard because these magnets are so strong that they stuck together and that caused a bit of angst for me since when I'd separate my pages some of the dies would pop loose!  The cardboard prevents the pages from sticking together and the magnets are strong enough to keep my dies in place.
 Here is a peek at one page of my binder box.
and another!  Each of these boxes will hold about 8-10 pages of dies I'm thinking...I have 6 pages in another die binder filled and there are room for several more!

We would love to see how YOU organize your Prickley Pear stamps and dies!  I know it's a never ending process for me to keep organized...but for now, this works for me!


  1. That rocks Michelle! I need to do the same!

  2. You are scarily organised Michelle, I do try and have a periodic reorganisation though.

    B x

  3. Love the site of well organized stamps. It's a thing of beauty:)