Saturday, June 22, 2013

Heidi's Creating Curved Lace Tutorial

 Last week I posted the KK0031 Love is in the Air card and promised to make a tutorial on how I made the straight lacy border die to fit around my oval piece.  When I was making this card, I really wanted to have a fancy edge around the image, but didn't have just the right thing.  I love this tatted looking border and thought it would be perfect if only it was in an oval.  Then I decided to just try a few snips and a couple of tucks and I had what I wanted.  So without further delay...
I cut out my image with an oval die, I needed two lacy border strips, a scissors and some ScorTape.
 Then I made small snips at every repeat piece.  
Then I placed ScorTape all around the edges of the oval.  I made the adhesive strip as continuous as I could.  Next, I began to adhere each section to the back of the card.  I made a slight tuck at each place that I snipped the border.
 I continued to tuck, and adhere around the oval until I finished this piece.
 With the second border, you continue where you left off and repeat the process until you complete the loop.  Cut off the excess.
Finally, adhere this to your card. 

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  1. Oh how lovely - and so creative! This is just beautiful, and the image is colored so perfectly. :)