Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Coffin Project Tutorial

Hi folks! Happy Saturday!!! I have a fun Halloween project to share today.
Lot’s of photos, so bare with me…

I’ll show you a fun technique using aluminum tape and the Dancing Skeleton Clear Stamps Set and the coordinated Dancing Skeleton Die.
I love this set and my boy loves it even more! :)
The idea of making aluminum tape projects is to make a relief out of paper and other decorations. When covering it all with the tape, only the shapes of what is under it will show and it will get a really neat metallic look.
Here is the basics of what you need to make this project:
  • Coffin template. I used this one from which is perfect in size for the stamps and dies I use.
  • Cardstock and cardboard. Color doesn’t matter cause you’ll be covering it all up.
  • Aluminum tape. It’s a super thin tape you find in any Hardware store. It is originally  made for some electronic stuff… Perfect to craft with…
  • Stamps and dies and ink – I use StazOn cause you can stamp on the aluminum with it.
  • Scissors and glue
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Decorations like ribbon, rhinestones, edgepunch, magnets (to lock the card with), piece of patterned paper.
Ok, here we go!
1. Start with making the coffin out of cardstock. Make an extra cardstock piece the size of the top of the lid (this is the piece we will be working on and when done glue it down on the lid)

2. Dress the coffin part with aluminum tape.
3. Stamp the Coffin lid stamp from the Dancing Skeleton set four times on cardboard (I use an old cereal box). The first two you cut out whole and glue down on top of each other centered on the cardstock piece. Cut out the inner parts of the remaining two stamped lids. Glue one of them on top of the first two. Before you glue down the last one, you score along the stamped lines to get a wood relief. When done glue it down. It should look like this:

4. Decorate the lid with diecut skeleton parts. I used cardstock but in double layers to get a real good relief.

5. Cover it all with aluminum tape.

6. Use a bone folder (or the like) and rub the tape down and be sure to follow all the lines of the items you’ve glued down under it.

It’s amazing, even the canvas structure of the cardstock shows through if you rub it gently.
7. When done cover it all with black acrylic paint and rub off with a tissue. Don’t let it dry, work quickly. You don’t have to be very careful – a halloween project can be a little blackish. If you wipe to much paint away, ad some more.

8. Glue down the piece on the coffin lid. Ad some edge punched cardstock to the sides and finish with a ribbon.
I made a card for the coffin too using the same technique, stamps and die.

On the front I used the swords and RIP from the Dancing Skeleton Set and fuzzy cut it. The dots on the top and bottom are rhinestones. The card closes with a magnet.

On the inside, I put a piece of patterned paper where one can write a sentiment with white pen. The heads are stamped and die cut with the Dancing Skeleton sets. I used StazOn which will stick to the aluminum.

I hope you can follow my instructions. Ask if there is something unclear and forgive me my bad English! :)
Have a great weekend!


  1. BRAVO!!! What a project..... I am simply amazed with the usage of that aluminum tape.... INNOVATIVE & SPOOKY!!!

    Ash.. :)

  2. Wow, Tesa! This is a fabulous project!!! That skeleton die is fabulous for something like this. Very creative!!! ~Hugs, Cheryl

  3. WOW!!!! Tesa, this is amazing. Love it, what a perfect and spooky project.

  4. Oh Tesa, this is a fantastic project! I so have to go pick me up some of that aluminum tape and give this a whirl! Great job!!!

  5. Wow! This is SO, SO incredibly cool, Tesa!! I am in LOVE!

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  7. That is just incredible. Great job!

  8. What a fun tutorial- I have to go get some of this tape and give this a go!!!