Friday, September 30, 2011

Announcing our 2011-2012 PPRS Design Team!!!

First, we want to thank all of you who applied. We had so many talented ladies apply, it was incredibly hard for us to choose our new DT members. So much so, that we ended up with 9 members instead of only 6! And we are so pleased to introduce this talented mix of ladies to you here today. You will see some familiar faces as well as 6 new fabulous ladies.

First, Tesa returns to us as our blog moderator. She has been with us for two full years now and is just fabulous and super talented! She resides in Sweden and we are thrilled to have her back for another year!

Next, returning from last year is Angelica. Her work is super beautiful and well designed to the last detail. We are so lucky to welcome her back for a second year, as she is truly talented!

And then, our last fabulous DT member returning from last year is Michelle Pearson. Her work is stunning. Every detail is well thought out right down to the stitching she is famous for! Love your work Michelle!

And now we are thrilled to announce our new DT members!
First is Kristii, you might be familiar with her as she is an active DT member for CardPatterns. She is one talented lady, and we are thrilled to have her on board!

Next is Lori. Her work is beautiful down to every last detail. She has a fabulous eye for color, combining mixed patterned paper together and really beautiful layouts! Welcome Lori! We are thrilled to have you!

Third is Audrey. She has a beautiful, slightly vintage, with very clean lines - type of design. She really knows how to put patterns and textures together and we are excited to be adding her to the team! Welcome Audrey.

We LOVED how Ujjwal shows creativity through the use of recycled materials. She has the ability to take ordinary items you might toss and turns them into beautiful creative pieces. Her work definitely has a bit of artistic, urban flair. Her use of colors and elements paired with her fabulous design really caught our eye! Welcome Ujjwal!

Amy is another great one for throwing textures, patterns and elements together! You will find her collage work inspiring as she has a great eye for it. We welcome you Amy!

Next up.... Melissa. We LOVED here clean use of lines, simplicity in style and use of colors. She is great at putting patterns together, could it be because she is also a quilter? Welcome Melissa, we look forward to having you with the PPRS design team this year!

And last as a PPRS guest designer, we have Cheryl Lea! She has a fabulous style, great use of colors, texture and copic coloring! We think you will agree she has a fabulous style and we look forward to seeing here beautiful creations!


  1. Congrats ladies and especially Amy, I am thrilled for you.....Have fun you all....

  2. So excited to be a part of this amazing team! Looking forward to all the fun over the upcoming year. :)

  3. So excited! Thanks for the chance to be working with such amazing ladies :)

  4. A big High five to the whole new team....A big shout out to my girl Ujjwal....Congrats and way to go!!!

  5. congratulations everyone!! super YAY for Ujjwal!

  6. Kudos Ujjwal!!! We feel so proud of you & I betcha, your team is gonna enrich you with a dimension to your creativity!!! WAY TO GO TEAM!!!


    Ash... :)

  7. Ujjwal Ujjwal Ujjwal!!! 3 cheers for our Ujjwal!!!

  8. Three cheer for Ujjwal.. Way to go girlie.. :-)