Wednesday, August 4, 2010

COPIC Marker Tutorial

How To Use Your Copic Markers

Hello, and welcome to the first of many tutorials on how to use your COPIC Markers.  First let me say that COPIC markers are unlike any other because they are alcohol based...not water based.  Therefore, the blending of your colors is much easier.

Today, I will be featuring one of our new stamp sets and matching die, the Hibiscus

So...grab your markers and here we go!

1.  Alright, choose your stamp and paper.  I only use Memento inks with my COPIC markers.  They are the only ink pad that does not fade off on to the tips of the markers. 

2.  Second, to create the look I am doing today, you will need to stamp your flower three times with the black ink.

3.  Next, you need to choose a light, a medium, and a dark in  your color pallette you would like to use.  In this case I am using the pink tones...I threw in a yellow for good measure, just because I like the way it looks with the flowers.

4.  OK...when working with your COPIC markers, you want to start with your darkest color first.  This is the exact opposite for "trained" artists.  We are always taught to work from light to dark...not the case with your COPICS.

5.  I am going to lay in my yellow highlights next just so I know where to work around them.  I don't want to color in too much dark and not leave myself enough room for highlights.

6.  Now, take your MEDIUM shade of ink and start filling in like I have done in the photo.

7.  Go to the lightest shade of ink that you have selected and color over the ENTIRE flower, including the yellow.  This will start blending all of those colors together.

8.  Do this three times so that you will have three flowers colored in the same shades of ink.  As you can see, I have cut mine out with the matching die, and antiqued the edges a bit with our Ranger Distress Inks.

9.  Assemble the flower to your preference.  I have curled the edges of my flower petals and placed a dimensional glue dot between each layer--I don't like my petals to sit flat against each other.  I've also added some buds to the center of my flower.

10.  Now, I have a lovely flower that I have used to embellish my card with.  All made from paper, mind you.
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  1. This is beautiful Tracy! Great tutorial and I really like the stamp set/ die combo!