Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Float...Like a Butterfly

Today I want to share a layout that features our Clearly Beautiful Butterfly stamps and the Butterfly Die. There are so many ways you can put these together. It is an adventure figuring it all out.

I love creating layouts of "everyday" activities. This is my daughter at Field Day (when I discovered what a fabulous jumper she is. She even won a ribbon.) Jumping rope is a true childhood game. Recording this moment should bring back plenty of memories as she grows.

I knew when I printed these photos (tinted pink on my computer) that the Butterflies would be the perfect embellishment for the theme and it enhanced the title, Float Like a Butterfly.
I want to show you two techniques for using Prickley Pear's Clearly Beautiful stamps in coordination with their dies. You can choose two different ways: 1) stamp and then die cut or 2) die cut and then stamp.

Here is #1

  1. Choose ink and apply to stamp
  2. Impress onto scrapbook paper
  3. Center the die over the stamped image and secure using low tac tape
  4. Die cut using the directions for your favorite die cut machine

And #2

  1. Place the die face down (the edge with the little ridge around it) on your paper
  2. Die cut using the directions for your favorite die cut machine
  3. Choose ink and apply to stamp
  4. Align the edges of the stamp with the die cut and impress

It is worth a bit of practice with both techniques until you find which one you like better.

Other techniques I used on this layout, include:
Creating my own patterned paper by stamping with watermark ink directly onto the textured paper.

Airbrushing through a stencil to create patterned chipboard letters.

Using dimensional adhesive to add, well, dimension...and ribbons to cap off the lower border.

I hope you enjoy the layout today and remember to keep scrapping those every day events. Some day you'll cherish them as priceless.

Eli Harlan

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  1. This is totally great Eli! Great tips on how to actually stamp the matching images!