Monday, December 7, 2009

Jean's Junk Drawer- Making stamped wrapping paper

Sometimes it's great to make some wrapping paper for a very special gift. With just a few items it's easy to create a very elegant paper. 

Materials Needed:                                                                               
 Dark Tissue Paper- Navy, Maroon or Dark Green work great. (I used maroon)                                                                                        
Gold or Silver Ink Pad                                                              
 Various Stamps                                                                           
Gold/ Silver ribbons or bows

Start by Crumpling the tissue paper to give it some texture. Then flatten it back out. There will be wrinkles in the paper.
Next, Stamp with gold or silver ink all the various stamps. I used the Penguin Fourish  stamp. Go in different directions with the stamps.
If necessary, cover stamped areas with a clean white paper and iron to heat set the ink. (I didn't need to do that for mine. It dried fairly quickly)

Add a bow or ribbon

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  1. I never remember this when I'm ready to wrap presents, but I just finished several packages that I used this technique for under our apartment complex tree. They have gotten lots of great comments thanks to you guys giving me the inspiration to do it. Thanks!