Monday, November 2, 2009

Jean's Junk Drawer #3 Metal ATC's

A long time ago I read about making ATC's cut out of metal. Being adventurous, I rushed right out to our local hardware store and bought a roll of metal sheeting. It is very inexpensive and there is enough to share with every stamper in your neighborhood. I figured there would be a day where I would have "extra time" to experiment with the metal. It's been on my shelf for over a year.

Recently, "Metal" was the theme for one of my monthly ATC swaps- using something metal needs to be somewhere on the ATC . Since I already had the metal on hand, I took it a step further and used it to make the base of the ATC.

Materials needed:
Metal ATC
Alcohol Inks
Blending solution
Transparencies or rubber stamps
Dull scissors (Relieves sharp edges)
Chipboard Pattern of ATC
Metal Edging Tape
Spray adhesive
Using the chipboard pattern and dull scissors, cut the metal to size. This is a thin metal so is fairly easy to cut.

Dab a few colors of alcohol inks along with the blending solution on a piece of felt. Color the complete ATC. (It will dry in a matter of seconds.) I tried to keep the colors light so my transparencies would show up better.
Next spray the transparency with an adhesive to lay over the ATC. Trim any edges. For extra security use a thin metal looking edging tape around the whole piece. All that's left are a few embellishments and it's finished!

Another option is to secure the transparency with eyelets or brads. I used a Crop-A-Dile to punch my eyelets.
Transparencies are just one of the many looks for metal ATC's. Stamping directly on the ATC gives a wonderful effect. Just use an ink like StazOn for the best coverage. The metal can also be painted, cut into any shape or embossed. The possibilities are endless!
Suggestion of the week: If you own a Melting Pot, the edges of your metal can be dipped in UTEE.

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